Vacuum-packed smoked salmon or gravlax
Smoked roast of reindeer
Frozen bleak roe, löjrom, which can be defrosted and refrozen several times
Swedish anchovies (pickled sprat)
Tinned herring
Dried mushrooms
Nyponsoppa (rose hip soup; can be bought as a mix)
Hard cheeses such as Herrgårdsost, Grevéost, kryddost and the Parmesan-like Västerbottensost.
Why not buy a cheese slicer, too?

Soft cheeses in tubes, can be found with shrimp and crayfish.
Cloudberry jam, lingonberry jam
Knäckebröd (crispbread)
Tunnbröd (thin unleavened bread)
Cheesecake from Småland
And finally a little off-beat specialty:
Kalles creamed cod roe in tubes. This is salted, lightly smoked cod roe, delicious with boiled eggs. It can also be mixed with chopped onion, dill and crème fraiche and used as a dip.